Hi there, my name is Edgar and I am the face behind this site. I love writing about real estate investing.

I began as a beginner just like you and experienced nearly zilch success in my investments. Actually, my initial two real estate purchases were a complete disappointment. I lost money greater than I gained. However, I didn’t fully understand nearly all of the tips and advice I’m presently sharing on this website, therefore the disappointment was anticipated from a holistic standpoint.

After dabbling in the properties investment world for the very first time with virtually no success, I determined to be successful. I finally became determined to not ever throw in the towel no matter the magnitude of the obstacles I encountered. I chose to attempt again but this time seriously, and attempt again I did.

Now here comes the most interesting part. I gained awesome success after jumping into the real estate investment world to gain all the expertise I desired to achieve something considerable. I began earning big time, all thanks to that determination to not only gain the necessary knowledge I needed, but as well as to achieve success. My initial failure also played a vital role in my financial success. It was a learning experience in my situation.

When I’m not here blogging, I’m usually going to discussions, gatherings, and heading seminars. When I’m indoors, I spend time with my wife and children. We are one big blissful family.

The intent behind this website is to reveal my expertise in order to help you take advantage of my 5-year experience without spending a dime.